An Alternative Path to Agility!

We offer the full range of management training classes, from the team to the enterprise level.  Our firm is the top provider of Lean Kanban University-certified training in Central Canada and Northern US.  We sometimes bring these training classes to other parts of the world as well.

The Training Classes

  Benefits to Your Company/Organization Certification
TKP: Team Kanban Practitioner (1-day) Trust, transparency, collaboration, empathy, quality  TKP
KMP I: Kanban System Design (2-day) Faster, more responsive, more predictable delivery of products and services to customers  
KMP II: Kanban Management Professional (2-day) Continuous improvement, sustainable customer satisfaction, better risk management, better governance KMP
ESP: Enterprise Services Planning (5-day, modular) Continually fit-for-purpose professional services at enterprise scale, predictable services, projects, portfolios, managed risk