Services and Sales


I work together more and more with my three co-founders at the new Canadian firm SquirrelNorth. Check out our content, consulting and training services and schedule of workshops.

Consulting, Training, Speaking Inquiries

You can reach me at SquirrelNorth (info at squirrel north dot com reach all four partners) or using a contact form on this website.

Enterprise Services Planning (ESP)

The group of participants registered for the cancelled ESP workshop in Toronto in May 2020 wants to continue online. You can still join us for a late July start. You can read all information related to this ESP workshop and register here.

Russian-Language Services & Products

Я предоставляю консультационные услуги и тренинги по-русски. Можно сделать запрос через форму на этом вебсайте.

Fit-for-Purpose (F4P) по-русски в августе 2020

Авторский виртуальный тренинг Fit-for-Purpose (F4P) будет 10-14 августа 2020 г. Прочесть полное описание воркшопа и зарегистрироваться можно здесь.