What Is The Problem?

People who think for a living are chronically overworked. Customers aren't happy, either, with products and services delivered to them. Business owners that employ these workers and serve these customers, worry about survival. Even if the bottom line is good this year, the failure may be only a few steps away.

Many modern enterprises have these problems. The roots of these problems are in the very nature of modern knowledge work: highly creative, variable, collaborative, and uncertain. The management methods many companies apply were developed for a different world of work: relatively unskilled and less educated workforce, performing standard, repetitive operations. Applying such methods to the new realities often makes the problems worse.

What Do We Do To Help?

We develop cutting-edge knowledge and pragmatic actionable guidance on modern management methods. We help modern enterprises manage the flow and risk of their work better. We aim for the win-win-win: customers get products and services fit for their purpose, knowledge workers get sustainable pace and working conditions, the enterprise becomes robust (or even antifragile) and set to survive and thrive in the long-term.

We deliver pragmatic, actionable, context-appropriate guidance to companies through a combination of management training, coaching and consulting. We collaborate with companies with similar goals and values across the globe. Our customers are located on five continents and represent a wide range of industries.


Details are important. You'll find them on the few pages of this small website: our services, opportunities for private and public training classes, community events, ways to contact us.