May 29-June 2, Vancouver:

Alternative Path To Agility

A Full Week of Kanban Training!

The modular, 5-day (1+2+2) training format, well tested in Toronto and Montreal, is now available in Vancouver.


Choose Your Class(es)

Choose from three certified Lean Kanban training classes.  They're fit to different proficiency levels and organizational agendas.



To be announced later.  Downtown/waterfront location.

"Training from the side of the room" in Vancouver - we've done it before!
"Training from the side of the room" in Vancouver - we've done it before!



Get your team's work organized with Team Kanban, relieve teams of overburdening, get work done with quality and pride of craftsmanship.


Full class description here.



Apply systems thinking to design, introduce and operate Kanban systems.  Improve delivery of services, products, projects, customer satisfaction and business performance.


Full class description here.



Sustain evolutionary improvements, implement organizational feedback loops with Kanban cadences, use the full Kanban method, get to pull at the enterprise scale.


Full class description here.


Three days of training

For those who want to start at the team level or to explore Kanban's sustainability agenda to complement their KMP I training.


Four days of training

Experienced managers and change agents can take this pair of classes back-to-back.  Both are required for the KMP credential.

Register Now!

TKP: Team Kanban Practitioner, May 29

One-day pass to the TKP: Team Kanban Practitioner training class in Vancouver on May 29, 2017


KMP I: Kanban System Design, May 30-31

Two-day pass to the KMP I: Kanban System Design training class in Vancouver on May 30-31, 2017


KMP II: Kanban Management Professional, June 1-2

Two-day pass to the KMP II: Kanban Management Professional training class in Vancouver on June 1-2, 2017


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