Kanban Coaching Professional (KCP) Masterclass

Kanban Coaching Professional (KCP) Masterclass is about one's effectiveness as a leader, change agent, coach and expert. You learn how to lead and motivate evolutionary change and improvement and apply the Kanban method in complex, difficult situations that arise in modern professional-service enterprises. It has always been the most advanced part of the Kanban curriculum, offering the deepest dive into the method.

The KCP Masterclass began in 2009, then known as the Kanban Leadership Workshop, and was taught for several years exclusively by the Kanban method originator David J Anderson. Virtually everyone who has ever discovered or contributed something original and substantial to the Kanban method (Healy, Burrows, Leopold, Steyaert, Achouiantz, Bozheva, etc. - a long list) and whose works are read and widely applied by Kanban users around the world, have one thing in common. They have all, with very few exceptions, have taken the Masterclass and can look back to it as the turning point in their careers.

Throughout the many years of the Masterclass' existence, the international Kanban coaching community established a strong correlation between successful Masterclass completion and the ability to lead deep changes in organizations, institutionalizing adaptive capability, evolutionary change capability, the culture of improving product and service delivery to customers and fitness for purpose. We have also come to observe the correlation between non-participation in the Masterclass and hitting a "ceiling" in understanding Kanban method; the nature of evolutionary change; effectiveness of coaches, trainers, consultants and change agents; and performance of their employer and client organizations.

The Masterclass curriculum has evolved and adapted over the years and is now in its fifth generation. In 2017, I and a few senior KCPs began teaching of the Masterclass as well. I'm trying to preserve the Masterclass tradition and at the same time put my own mark on it.

KCP Masterclass Agenda in Brief

Throughout the week: difficult questions that you would like answered, difficult situations, in which you'd like to make progress, various questions about Kanban method, etc.

  • Day 1 - Understanding organizational maturity and avoiding key failure modes
  • Day 2 - Mechanisms of evolutionary change, individual and group identity, sociology
  • Day 3 - Psychology of group (tribal) behaviour, Kanban coaching guidance (what coaches do and don't do), contextual assessment of organizations
  • Day 4 - Changes in managers' behaviour, applicability of Kanban method (mechanical and cultural reasons; when it is not appropriate), escalating motivation for change
  • Day 5 - Various consulting and coaching tools

Throughout the Masterclass, but especially in the first three days: many case studies from various companies, illustrating the key ideas. There will also be several "technical" topics, but mostly after the halfway mark.


The KCP Masterclass program is very long and intense compared with other Lean Kanban University training programs. The "official" time is from 9 in the morning to 7 in the evening. Many participants also use the dinnertime to get to know each other better, to discuss situations in their companies, and to discuss the Masterclass material and their current interpretation of the material. Friday is the exception, we finish at 5.


Q1. Given that the KCP Masterclass is pretty advanced, are there prerequisites? Do I have to have a KMP (Kanban Management Professional) credential?

A1. There is no formal requirements for prerequisites. It is preferable to have practical experience applying the Kanban method, including the concepts around flow, Kanban system design, commitment and improvement, experienced in KMP I and II classes.

When Is The Next KCP Masterclass in 2019?

When?   Where? Who is teaching? Notes
March 18-22 Canada Toronto Alexei Zheglov Sold out
September 23-27 Belarus Minsk Alexei Zheglov in Russian
October 2019 (TBD) Brazil São Paulo Alexei Zheglov and Rodrigo Yoshima  

Kanban method originator David J Anderson will also teach several Masterclasses in 2019, primarily from Lean Kanban Inc. headquarters in Seatte, USA and Bilbao, Spain. You can research those opportunities and register at David J Anderson School of Management website.

The KCP Credential

The Kanban Coaching Professional (KCP) is the top, expert-level credential in the Kanban method. Lean Kanban University (LKU) awards it through a peer review process. There is no certification or credential awarded as a result of the Masterclass completion.

A typical sequence of events and timeline for those seeking the KCP credential is as follows:

  • Take the Masterclass
  • Apply what you've learned in your coaching, consulting or management practice for some period of time after the Masterclass (6-12 months recommended)
  • Write a paper documenting a Kanban method case study you lead as a coach and the evolution of your employer or client organization
  • Submit the paper and the application questionnaire to the KCP program chair (Dave White of Canada occupies this position currently)
  • Be assigned the interview with a panel of senior KCPs at one of the Lean Kanban conferences or Leadership Retreats (in some circumstances, interviews are conducted remotely by Skype/Zoom)
  • Pass the interview

Not all KCP Masterclass participants seek the KCP credential. A deep dive into the Kanban method and a long-term investment in one's effectiveness as a leader and a change agent in complex modern enterprise environments have usually been primary and sufficient motivations for attendance.